Competition Goal

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Not only have I not lost any weight this month…

So what went wrong?

Well I can’t be sure but I think it had something to do with the donuts (don’t barf Karilynn)… and coffee. There may have been some fast food in there as well! UGH!
Bottom line: my nutrition has been less than good. Hell, truth be told it has been down right atrocious! The worst part is that when I wasn’t eating crap I wasn’t eating at all so that just added to the UGH.
No wonder I’m sick.

The only “GOOD” thing I’ve got going is the fact I’ve been training for my half marathon I’m sure if it weren’t for that I’d have been TOTALLY SCREWED!!!

So, what’s the plan?

I have NO IDEA!
I’m feeling really, really, really, unmotivated right now. I don’t know what happened it’s like something just shut off and I’ve got nothing pushing me forward. I was getting myself all psyched up for something new but I haven’t been able to find that thing… you know… the “adrenaline rush”! You know the one you get when you start something new. That drive, that thrill that pushes you through like & when nothing else can or will.

I lost it.

I think I need help.

Monday, April 19, 2010

News Flash

"All You Can Eat Salad Bar"
is not a
"healthy choice"
If you ACTUALLY eat
Just thought I'd let ya know!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well, now that i've pissed away almost a week, with poor food choices and little to no exercise, i thought i should kick it into high gear! in addition to not paying attention to my food choices (one day i ate nothing but banana muffins and drank coffee!!! like 20 muffins and 3 pots of coffee!!! EEK!!! What was i thinking???) i've been letting a messed up ankle get in my way. Everyday i had the best of intention of this or that but SPLAT i sure fell short of the goal.

So here i am to revamp! I realize how much getting things written down helps me to prioritize. Thanks again Jaqui for the AWESOME tip of writing down six things i must get done the next day. if it weren't for that i'd have seriously accomplished NOTHING this entire week!

So here is my focus: STRENGTHS!!!

I've decided to narrow it down to a few things i'm really great at.

What are they?

Eating A LOT!

Drinking water!


Building muscle!

So here is the plan. I have currently decided to join Karilynn, Jessica and Brandon in completing the Utah Valley Half Marathon, on June 12th! Up until a few weeks ago i had no idea that there were people out there that actually WALKED half and full marathons! did you know that? well all this time i've been pushing myself to RUN and feeling like big fat failure because i SUCK AT IT! never knowing all the while that running isn't the goal....
FINISHING IT IS!!! So, I had a chance to buy into the sold out 1/2 marathon and i jumped on it.

all that to say this:

i'm training to walk/run a 1/2 marathon!

I found this great schedule online that i'm following and it's going GREAT so far. my ultimate goal is a 15 minute mile. anyone that finishes in under 4 hours gets the cool medal and all... so i'm building myself in some wiggle room. it just happens that that is also Jessica's goal so we're going to do it together.

So i've always fought to lose weight and focusing on that in the past has been a real source of frustration. i've found that when my focus is on gaining muscle my results are significant inch loss and fat loss. this sometimes means that my scale weight doesn't move much because i'm putting on muscle but the visual effects are FANTASTIC!!! Since i'm needing a little change up in my game this is what i've decided to do. This means strength training at least 3 days per week. I got a schedule of a bunch of classes available at work and i'm staring to attend them to find one that i

So although my choices in food have been poor it is even worse that i have not been eating nearly enough food. for me this is VERY BAD. my body is an amazing fat storing machine and the second i stop eating enough it kicks into high gear "STARVATION MODE". Suddenly i'm storing some part of EVERYTHING i'm eating... both good and bad. which by the way anyone that is above like 40% body fat (can't remember exact number) does. So my goal is to EAT A LOT but make sure that it's all good food. i stocked the fridge with apples and bananas, apple sauce and oats and all kinds of other healthy snacky food.
And with the water... well that's easy. i'm just filling my giant 55+ oz mug at least twice per day and then hooking it up at home by filling my 32 oz mug also twice (maybe 3 times).
I hope you're all doing really well. i had the opportunity at work the other day (in a training class) to read all of your blogs... in fact some of them i read 3-4 blogs back. unfortunately i didn't have comment capability. :0( but it was nice to catch up on all that's going on!
My best to you all!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

I Finally Got Exact Numbers...

So, since i had my baby i've been "guess-timating" on my actual weight at different points. I was pretty sure i knew what i was before i got pregnant... pretty sure i knew how big i got during the pregnancy and pretty sure i knew how far i'd come since then.
My Midwife changed offices and i've had a HECK of a time getting my records so i could get some exact numbers but FINALLY today i did it!!!
So here you go ladies... this is EXACTLY how far i've come:

Since my finally weigh in before i had my baby i am down
wait for it....
87.2 lbs!!!

From my postpartum appointment
which was 1 month and 2 days after having my baby
i'm down 51.2 lbs!!

And from my pre-pregnancy weight
i'm down: 47.2 lbs!!

Do you know what this means???


With a little simple math you can all figure out that i tipped the scales June 30th at 376 lbs. and although it's hard for me to say that number out loud it is made SUBSTANTIALLY easier since i can now say i'm at 288.8 AND DROPPING!
SO let me put this into perspective.
In just 12.8 lbs. i will have lost 100 lbs!
if that isn't a reason enough for setting my goal at 13 or more lbs. of loss this moneth i sure don't know what would be. ;0)

i still have a goal to lose 100 lbs. from my starting competition weight of 324.4 in September and i'm well on my way! So, watch for my 100 down and counting blog... COMING SOON!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy Big Numbers Batman!!!

The numbers posted this month are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

I have to say CONGRATS Debbie!!! What an amazing accomplishment. It just goes to show if you put your heart into it anything is possible.

I'm really excited about my pictures for this month. I wasn't thinking i had made any "visible" progress but when i put my pictures together i could really see the difference.

I hope that you all have a killer April and i hope to heck that spring gets here soon!