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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Six Days In

Well, here we are Six days in and LOL so far I've done just about NOTHING toward this weight loss goal.

HOWEVER, things are going SOOOOOOO great in my world. I'm busy like crazy and in many ways stressed to the max. But, my new job is amazing!!!!!! I have realized more and more lately what an amazing position I've been put in. God must have some big plans for me or something because I'm brushing elbows with some very important people. I LOVE IT!

Also, my little side business is BOOMING! I recently made Team Leader with Tastefully Simple and now I'm rolling in the dough. LOL OK, so that $50 bonus check does not yet equal "rolling in the dough" but it's sure exciting to me. I've got some big goals set this month for progressing even further in my business. Any chance any of you are looking for a FUN and EXCITING way to make some extra cash for your family. Christmas is coming soon!!! Do you have a plan that doesn't include racking up your credit card bills? Just something to think about.

Anyway, I'm heading to Minnesota on Tuesday for National Conference with Tastefully Simple and I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED. Can't wait to hang out with my Taste Buds again, some of them I only get to see twice a year when we gather for a TS event.

On a weight loss note; I ended up losing like 6 pounds last month. I didn't spend any time at all doing exercise just changing some of my eating habits that I'd went back to over the last few months. I'm thrilled to death that I ended the month with a loss and I'm quite certain I'll do it again. I'm not competing any more... I mean, I'm going to participate but I'm not going to push for the prize. I'm just planning to work steadily and constantly to see a loss. There were some months when my loss was simply 1 pound and I was so proud. I'm going back to that attitude. A loss is a loss and slow and steady beats the hell out of a roller coaster ride!

Later Gaters!!!

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